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Make, watch & do

  • Sonic Spider: Musicians Workshop
    Sonic Spider: Musicians Workshop
    Thu 25th Jul 2024 10:00
    Narberth Scout Hut
    SPAN arts are offering a unique opportunity for local Musicians interested in improvisation, learning to play new, experimental instruments, and using musical skill to imagine yourself into the mind of another creature.
    Sonic Spider is an immersive, large scale, hypnotic, musical interpretation of the consciousness of the orb web spider, alone in her web, patiently waiting and listening – for the approach of prey or predator, or the wind and weather. Her whole world is perceived through vibrations, as she can hardly see.
  • SPAN Arts AGM - In person ticket
    SPAN Arts AGM - In person ticket
    Wed 31st Jul 2024 18:00
    Span Arts Building, Narberth
    The SPAN Arts AGM is being held on 31st July 2024.
    The AGM will be both online and in person. Tickets are free but booking is required to attend in person as there is a limited capacity.
  • Narberth Planters Workshops
    Narberth Planters Workshops
    Thu 1st Aug - Wed 4th Sep
    Span Arts Building, Narberth
    Make Narberth bloom! Join SPAN and fill your town with vibrant community-made planters.
    Join SPAN in make beautiful, recycled planters to fill Narberth with glorious colour. SPAN has received funding from the ‘Doing Small Things Fund’ to run a community planter project for the local community to take ownership of their town. Join forces creatively to make a difference to the town and fill Narberth with the vibrant, colourful plants that reflect our glowing community. These planters will not only look beautiful all year around but will be filled with edible plants available to all, housed in skilfully made, reclaimed wood planters.
  • BAMBOO by NoFit State
    BAMBOO by NoFit State
    Sat 10th Aug - Sat 10th Aug
    Colby Woodland Gardens
    We are excited to be hosting BAMBOO by NoFit State - a spectacular new high-impact, high-skill outdoor circus production using only bamboo and human bodies - revealing the fragility and beauty of our interconnected and interdependent life on this planet.
    The artists arrive at an empty stage, bringing bundles of bamboo. They build towering sculptures which morph, transform and become an improbable, delicate circus playground that seems to defy the laws of physics.
  • The Gentle Painting Project
    The Gentle Painting Project
    Wed 18th Sep - Sat 28th Sep
    We want your Earths, Clays and rocks! SPAN invites you to join Rhiannon Rees’s gentle painting project to map out your Pembrokeshire.
    We are delighted to invite you to participate in Rhiannon Rees’s Gentle Painting Project as part of SPAN Arts’ 2024 Love Stories to Nature program. For our latest commission for Love Stories to Nature, artist Rhiannon Rees is running a gentle painting project and for this we are collecting dry soil, rocks and pebbles from around Pembrokeshire.


  • Eco Printing
    With Kate Kekwick
    Learn how to screen print using all natural materials with illustrator Kate Kekwick.


  • Make your own instructional video
    With artist and animator Gemma Green-Hope
    For all you budding animators out there!


  • Driftwood Monsters
    With puppet maker and designer Di Ford
    A fun and easy activity for all the family to enjoy!


  • Paint a lane
    with Guy Manning
    Guy Manning guides a painting demonstration painting the lane as viewed from his front door. A gentle meditation on contrast, tone and shade. The workshop took place on the 16th May 2020.


  • Design and make woven patches
    With textile artist Nia Lewis
    Create unique woven patches for your mending projects or to upcycle garments or interior textiles.


  • Marionette puppet bird tutorial
    With puppet maker and designer Di Ford
    Using household materials you will learn to make this happy little chappie and become a puppet maker!


  • Make a gift box
    With volunteer Ann Maidment
    As part of our Kindness Project, Show it. Share it.


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Exclusive Span Online performances

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