Arts at a Distance - Span Arts
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Arts at a Distance

Building community networks in the time of COVID

An online socially distanced artistic programme to reduce isolation and loneliness, alleviate fear, stress and boredom, and build community networks in Pembrokeshire during the time of Covid-19.

This programme helped SPAN to respond to the crisis and build our resilience and was developed in line with our vision to make Art as social change in rural Wales and to capitalise on the power of the arts to make people feel better.

Between July – December 2020 SPAN delivered an inclusive and far-reaching online programme for the people of Pembrokeshire and reached over 9,000 people in Pembrokeshire and beyond with the arts through live streamed performances, online creative workshops and live streamed community theatre.


“Being stuck at home because of the lock down and because I am a single mum means my opportunities to do anything like this has been limited. It was great to be able to do this from home and also not have the issue of having to travel.”

“Heartwarming and honest”

“Original, exciting, uplifting”