Cân y Ffordd Euraidd Song of the Golden Road - Span Arts
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Cân y Ffordd Euraidd
Song of the Golden Road

Cân y Ffordd Euraidd / The Song of the Golden Road will create a radio ballad in response to the Preseli Heartlands from Crymych to Cwm Gwaun.  The Golden Road is a name given to the ancient walkway which traverses the seven-mile ridge of Mynydd Preseli (the Preseli Mountains) running from Foel Drygarn to Bwlch-Gwynt

The project will take the form of a series of workshops and walks from the communities that reside at the foot of the Preselis, concluding with a community walk along the golden road itself.  These initial sessions will be an opportunity to get to know this place from different perspectives following different themes and to explore and discover the things (pethe) that are important to people about this place. 

Workshop walks will include talks by invited experts, opportunities for story swapping and sound recording.  These ramblings will be followed by an intensive weekend of community music-making where participants and musicians will be invited to give voice to the songs of the place. Speech, sound and song will then be incorporated into the final radio ballad, an oral record of a unique place, that future generations can continue to appreciate and enjoy for years to come. 

This project responds to two strands of the PLANED Heritage Lottery funded Preseli Heartlands project, part of the Great Places scheme; namely Routes to Roots and Our Museums.

Routes to Roots aims to bring people together to explore and identify tangible and intangible heritage, current and past cultural and heritage activities and events, as well as existing heritage skills and skills gaps.  Researched material will form the basis for heritage interpretation with different communities creating specific outputs in order to celebrate their local history.

Our Museums aims to explore the concept of museums as experienced traditionally in order to find new and holistic ways to present local heritage, especially given the rurality of the area.

How to get involved

Book a place. If you have any questions give us a call on 01834 869323 or contact Rowan on rowan@span-arts.org.uk