Clwb Digi Cares - Span Arts
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Clwb Digi Cares

Clwb Digi Cares is a new intergenerational concept which seeks to connect children and young people with isolated older people through Artist and Musician led online creative technology activities to reduce loneliness, improve wellbeing, develop new skills and alleviate boredom and frustration. 

The project aims to introduce older people to new technologies in an atmosphere of playfulness and experimentation through creative and uplifting experiences that will have tangible outcomes for both target beneficiaries. 

Are you aged between 8-1or over 60, and live in Pembrokeshire? 

Do you like art, music, singing and/or technology? 

Then get in touch with our new Clwb Digi Project Manager to find out more! 

Clwb Digi Cares is funded by West Wales Is Kind Fund from the West Wales Care Partnership and is part of a new Kindness Campaign for Pembrokeshire. Keep in touch to find out more.