Map Digi Penfro #1 Garn Fawr Collaborative Mapping Workshop - Span Arts
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Map Digi Penfro #1 Garn Fawr Collaborative Mapping Workshop

Inspired by the words of the poet Dewi Emrys, who is remembered by a stone monument at Pwll Deri, the workshop will create a ‘deep map’ of the area by answering the question, ‘What are the thoughts that come to you when sitting above Pwll Deri?’  Garn Fawr was once an iron age hillfort, there are also many other sites of interest including a hermit’s cell, a holy well, a WW2 lookout shelter, fascinating geological features as well diverse wildlife. Workshop participants throughout the weekend will have access to the knowledge of specialists including: artist Rowan O’Neill, wildlife specialist Shani Lawrence, geologist Matthew Williams, archaeologist Ken Murphy, microbiologist John Ewart and poet Mererid Hopwood who will all engage in the collaborative mapping of this ancient landscape that continues to inspire residents and visitors alike. Images and recordings will be collected over the weekend and uploaded onto an ever-evolving digital map that will be available online beyond the weekend of the workshop.

If you have a particular knowledge of this inspiring place then Span Digidol would love to hear from you.  Whether you’ve lived here for generations or it’s a place you come back to often which holds a special memory for you we’d like to include your story, picture or photograph on the map.  Contributions in Welsh or English are welcomed.

The Digidol team are collaborating with John Ewart from Planed’s DATRIS programme (Digital Assets and Training for Rural Innovative Solutions) who will be bringing the newly fitted Community Digital Bus to the site, and Alan Cameron Wills, programmer and Digital Volunteer, who has a keen interest in mapping through his own project The History Map which records the history associated with buildings, people and places of Moylegrove. John, Alan and Pembrokeshire College computing student Geraint Skeats will assist workshop participants to upload materials collected through digital photography, audio recordings and filming onto the map over the weekend.

The aim of the project is to pilot innovative ways of representing place using digital technologies to enable a rich interaction with landscape and culture.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own smart devices in order to capture sights and sounds from the site or record their stories and memories.  No prior digital skills are required however, and everyone will be supported to participate at whatever level they wish to engage with appropriate equipment provided.

A shuttle bus will transport participants from the hall to Pwll Deri and Garn Fawr.  Participants are asked to bring something to share for a picnic lunch at the site.

For more information and to book a place please follow this link