“Howl” – A Mesmerizing Aerial Theatre Performance! - Span Arts
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“Howl” – A Mesmerizing Aerial Theatre Performance!

'Howl' Areal Theatre Performance about a woman turning into a wolf when her emotions become too big.

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Howl,” a captivating tale that weaves magic, power, and unexpected transformations. Join us on a thrilling journey through this extraordinary story, where a woman’s life takes an unexpected turn, leading to fascinating encounters and delightful mischief.

In “Howl,” a woman finds herself becoming a werewolf when she least expects it. Suddenly, she becomes an immensely powerful, ferocious, and cunning creature, inspiring both fear and awe in those she encounters. Yet, mastering her wolf-self proves to be a challenge, especially when she realizes she can harness its power to her advantage, while never quite getting used to having such hairy arms!

Enter Claire Crook, a brilliant circus and theatre performer, who takes us on a captivating journey celebrating the strength of women, the allure of magic, and the ability to overcome adversity. Experience the exhilarating power of turning disadvantages into advantages through this interactive tale that combines aerial and physical theatre with mesmerizing dance performances.

Although “Howl” is performed in Welsh, the magic of this theatrical wonder transcends language barriers, making it accessible and enjoyable for non-Welsh speakers as well. Embrace the richness of Welsh culture while getting lost in the mesmerizing magic of “Howl.”

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the power of art, storytelling, and theatrical brilliance come together in “Howl.” Book your tickets now and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

31st August


Scolton Manor, Bethlehem, Haverfordwest

SA62 5QL

Adult: £8
Concession: £6
Family Ticket: £25 (4 people, must include at least one adult and one child)