Moon theme lantern parade given lift off with pedal powered cinema experience! - Span Arts
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Moon theme lantern parade given lift off with pedal powered cinema experience!

In October 2018 Span Arts held a consultation event around the future of the Haverfordwest lantern parade at Haverhub.  The event provided an opportunity for local people to come and experience some alternative light solutions with a view to extending the possibilities of the traditional lantern parade.

In 2019 with the experience and findings of that in mind Span Digidol set out to find a way of incorporating that spirit of innovation within this year’s lantern parade.  Several factors influenced the design of the event; the growing awareness of a climate emergency, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and recent plans announced to bring a renewed focus of energy to Haverfordwest Castle and grounds.

‘Over the Moon – Haverfordwest Lantern Parade’ changed the route of the original lantern parade to take in the castle which had been dramatically lit to emphasize it’s features.  Rocket shaped lanterns designed by artist Di Ford processed up to the castle following a giant moon.  The moon was  then installed in the Castle grounds whilst the rockets continued their orbit.

We worked with green energy artists Electric Pedals who bought their cinema screen and cycle powered cinema to Haverhub – 10 bikes and four children’s bikes – the film will only play if enough people pedal!

We also worked with Broad Haven Primary School to create a short stop motion animation.  In 1977 a group of pupils from this Primary School claimed tohave seen a ufo in a field near their playground.  You can read more about that story here:

With the help of mother and daughter animation team Sarah Hope and Gemma Green-Hope we created an alien inspired short which was screened on the pedal powered cinema.

This was followed by a compilation of moon landing related footage from Kennedy’s famous Rice University speech to Wallace and Gromit with 2001: A Space Odyssey and ET in between.

Thanks to Haverhub for hosting the cinema and all who helped to pedal.  The event certainly gave a boost of energy and context to our lunar inspired parade on what would otherwise have been a rather wet and dreary night!

If you attended the event you might like to leave us some feedback:

Span Digidol is funded by LEADER through Arwain Sir Benfro and the Arts Council of Wales and is a project exploring new ways in which digital technology can be used creatively to increase connectivity and reduce loneliness and social isolation.