Remote Choir - Span Arts
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Remote Choir

A singing project for care homes and residential settings. 


People around Pembrokeshire were invited to participate in SPAN’s ‘Remote Choir’. Remote Choir was a singing project using technology to bring people in different residential locations together in order to improve health and wellbeing.  

Over 130 people have been involved in the Remote Choir project, 10 of whom were housebound. Health conditions included dementia, autism, COPD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ME and depression.

Image credit: Ruth Jones

We were very proud when this project was used as a case study on Wales Arts Health & Wellbeing Network website and also cited in an NHS briefing paper.

Image credit: Ruth Jones

Through 40 1:2:1 sessions and 2 celebration events the project met its aims and was described as “life-changing”, “important”, and “positive”.

People experienced measurable increases in:

·         Wellbeing

·         Quality of life

·         Digital skills

·         Community connections

·         Feelings of worth

·         Confidence in singing