Shared Worlds - Span Arts
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Shared Worlds

As part of SPAN’s contribution to the response to Covid Crisis and Pembrokeshire’s Campaign for Kindness, SPAN delivered a wide range of online artist-led workshop activities in Autumn 2020 in order to improve social connectedness and wellbeing and reduce loneliness and social isolation for all ages.

The project was adapted early in the lockdown in response to the crisis and aimed to connect isolated and elderly people and children through online creative technology sessions, as a recognition that there were many more isolated and elderly people who were housebound, lonely and anxious at this difficult time.

The project aimed to introduce older people to new technologies in an atmosphere of playfulness and experimentation.

A series of five artist led online workshop experiences in dance, Welsh folk singing, poetry, puppetry and mindful photography were delivered.

Over 190 attendances took place with 47 people enjoying regular online creative experiences delivered by commissioned artists and musicians Kerry Steed, Jeremy Huw Williams, Richard Chappell, Emily Laurens and Ray Hobbs.

Feedback showed us that these experiences provided a valuable, regular and uplifting opportunity for individuals throughout the Autumn months.

“I feel better”

“I appreciate being able to come to your group and I enjoy the way you facilitate. It helps me recharge my batteries and boosts my wellbeing.”