Span Arts x BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time - Span Arts
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Span Arts x BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time

Span Arts welcomed BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time to Narberth for the very first time on Tuesday the 28th of June 2022.

Gardener’s Question Time has become a Radio 4 institution since its inception in 1947, and attracts 2 million listeners every week. Audience members had the chance to submit their questions to a celebrated panel of gardening experts during the recording of two episodes.

Gardeners’ Question Time chair Kathy Clugston was joined by queen of pests and diseases Pippa Greenwood, house plant specialist and greenhouse grower Anne Swithinbank, and garden designer and long-time GQT expert Chris Beardshaw, fresh from another Chelsea gold medal.

“The panel NEVER see the questions before the recording. Their encyclopaedic, seemingly effortless answers are completely spontaneous and reveal their huge experience and depth of gardening knowledge. Being on the GQT panel is not for the faint hearted!” BBC Radio 4.

Previous panel members have been guests of a diverse range of gardening clubs and other organisations, broadcasting from within both Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street, and even atop Mount Snowdon!

After the pandemic cancelled our first attempt back in 2020, SPAN Arts is truly delighted to be able to bring BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners Question Time to Narberth for its first ever visit.” Bethan Touhig-Gamble, Span Arts Director