SPAN Cyrraedd - Span Arts
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SPAN Cyrraedd

Supporting all of SPAN's work is our new creative volunteering programme, SPAN Cyrraedd.

Our programme design places the needs of the volunteers at the centre.

At the heart of what we do is a commitment to work with the people for the people. We engage with our artists, community members and volunteers to define the work we deliver. We work with our volunteers to help design our program of events and projects; your voice helps us shape SPAN Cyrraedd.

SPAN Cyrraedd provides flexible, creative volunteering opportunities for individuals to positively engage with their community – improving personal confidence, supporting physical activity, and building personal connections to improve their mental and physical health.

The project is supported by WCVA’s volunteering fund and structured to support the engagement of those who are currently underrepresented within the arts in the region.

The intersecting communities of people of colour, Welsh speakers, young people, LGBTQ+ people, and disabled and/ or neurodivergent people are a vital part of our community. However, these communities are not currently visible, championed, or celebrated as they should be within the wider community identity. To start to tackle this, SPAN hopes to support the creation of visible volunteer role models from these intersecting communities of identity.

With your support as a volunteer, we can create a vibrant and accessible programme of creative activities across Pembrokeshire, providing opportunities for people to learn new skills, engage physically and express themselves creatively.

To find out more about volunteering at SPAN, or to get involved, please click here to visit our Volunteering page.