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  • Creative Connections Artist Call-Out
    SPAN is looking for an artist, with experience of developing creative skills with carer's around the local area.


  • Immerse Yourself in the Enchantment of Our Annual Advent Concert!
    A festive night filled with song and connection
    The festive season is just around the corner, and what better way to embrace its spirit than by joining us for our highly anticipated annual Advent Concert! We are delighted to unveil the incredible lineup for this year's event, featuring the exceptional talents of the renowned soprano, Jessica Robinson, and the esteemed Whitland Male Voice Choir. Jessica Robinson: A Soprano Extraordinaire Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Pembrokeshire, Jessica Robinson is set to grace our stage with her mesmerizing voice. A distinguished graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Jessica boasts an illustrious career, adorned with numerous awards and accolades. Her journey has been punctuated by stellar performances with esteemed institutions like the CBSO, leaving audiences spellbound at iconic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Wales Millennium Centre. Notably, she had the honor of performing for HRH The Prince of Wales at the prestigious Buckingham Palace. Jess


  • Welcome Wednesdays
    Come and join us at our ‘Welcome Wednesday’ mornings at SPAN!


  • Call Out For A Songwriter/Musician
    SPAN is looking for a Songwriter/Musician, with experience of developing music with young people to create a modern music track/song.


  • Becoming Nature by Lou Luddington
    Call Out - we a seeking a small number of nature lovers from a broad spectrum of the Pembrokeshire community to participate in our next Love Stories to Nature arts commission.


  • Our Branch That Stopped Singing – by Billy Maxwell Taylor
    Our Branch That Stopped Singing is an ambient music meditation on the continually changing soundscapes of Pembrokeshire.
    Through water, snow, waves, forests and the story of a blackbird friend, immerse yourself in this mindful 20-minute audiovisual experience, suitable for all ages.


  • Vital Footsteps Workshop
    Exploring Climate Care through Meditative Movement with Billy Maxwell Taylor
    In a world where the urgency of climate change is undeniable, it's vital that we take moments to pause, reflect, and consider our relationship with the environment. Vital Footsteps is a unique, free workshop in Pembrokeshire that provides a meditative space for individuals to contemplate climate care. Hosted in conjunction with The Motion Pack's enlightening project, "In the Silence of Blossoms," this 1.5-hour workshop promises a serene journey through mindful movement, creative letter writing, and open discussions about our ever-changing planet. As we gather amidst the stunning landscapes of Pembrokeshire, participants will engage in mindful movement exercises. These movements will not only bring you closer to the natural world but will also help you connect with your inner self, fostering a sense of harmony and balance.Climate change is a complex issue, and discussing it openly is essential. In our patient talking space, you'll have the opportunity to engage in thoughtful conve


  • Share Your Story in a Captivating New Play! Farmers, Townies & Grocles
    Are you ready to have your voice heard on the theatrical stage? Award-winning writer Ceri Ashe is embarking on an exhilarating journey to capture the essence of Pembrokeshire through an exciting new play. Titled 'FARMERS TOWNIES AND GROCLES,' this play aims to unravel the vibrant tapestry of voices that shape our rural community. If you're passionate about Pembrokeshire and want to contribute to a unique storytelling experience, we invite you to join us for a thrilling story-telling workshop. Led by the talented Ceri Ashe, this workshop promises to be both engaging and enjoyable. Through a series of interactive exercises, you'll have the opportunity to share your personal experiences of being a resident of this picturesque county. The stories collected during these workshops might even become an integral part of a mesmerizing theatre production slated for the coming year. Imagine seeing your experiences come to life on stage, resonating with fellow Pembrokeshire residents and aud


  • The Pull a short film by Sam Walton
    Filmed in Pembrokeshire about Pembrokeshire.


  • Date Nature – The New Dating App
    Join artist Emily Laurens for a one-day workshop exploring our relationship with nature through nature connection games, clowning and mindfulness.


  • ‘Howl’ Areal Theatre Performance
    Welcome to the enchanting world of “Howl,” a captivating tale that weaves magic, power, and unexpected transformations. Join us on a thrilling journey through this extraordinary story, where a woman’s life takes an unexpected turn, leading to fascinating encounters and delightful mischief. In “Howl,” a woman finds herself becoming a werewolf when she least expects it. Suddenly, she becomes an immensely powerful, ferocious, and cunning creature, inspiring both fear and awe in those she encounters. Yet, mastering her wolf-self proves to be a challenge, especially when she realizes she can harness its power to her advantage, while never quite getting used to having such hairy arms! Enter Claire Crook, a brilliant circus and theatre performer, who takes us on a captivating journey celebrating the strength of women, the allure of magic, and the ability to overcome adversity. Experience the exhilarating power of turning disadvantages into advantages through this interactive t


  • Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival SAVE THE DATE!
    Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival SAVE THE DATE!
    Get ready for a harmonious celebration of voices and music in the heart of Narberth! Don't miss the chance to be part of this unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


  • Watch A Gathering Tide – An award winning documentary
    Love Stories to Nature brings you 'A Gathering Tide'
    An award-winning short documentary film, revealing the lowest tide of the year, captivating the beauty of the Pembrokeshire seascapes. Directed by Gilly Booth and produced by Bronwen Gwillim.


  • Embracing Nature and Community: Civic Week
    Civic Week is back embracing nature for the Summer Holiday
    Civic Week is back, embracing the making of flower crowns and bush craft with talented artists Maia Sparrow and Hannah Rounding.


  • “Howl” – A Mesmerizing Aerial Theatre Performance!
    'Howl' Areal Theatre Performance about a woman turning into a wolf when her emotions become too big.
    Enter Claire Crook, a brilliant circus and theatre performer, who takes us on a captivating journey celebrating the strength of women, the allure of magic, and the ability to overcome adversity.


  • Samara van Rijswijk: She/Her/They/Them
    Digital Marketing and Design Assistant
    Samara van Rijswijk, a illustrator from West Wales, brings art to life with her creations. Graduating from Jobswell School of Arts, she embarked on a journey in illustration. From documentary-style book illustrations to theatre billboards in New York, She spent 3 years in portraiture, capturing the essence of her subjects with her unique artistic flair. Collaborating with businesses, she lends her creativeness to shape brand identities and design websites for other businesses. With a passion for photography art direction, she has also collaborated with London photographers in art directing, crafting captivating visuals for magazines. Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them


  • Pererin Wyf – Y Canu Mawr – The Big Sing
    Y Canu Mawr was live streamed from St. Davids Cathedral on 29th May. Watch it here!
    A short programme of pilgrimage-related song performed at St Davids Cathedral as part of a Pilgrim Fayre.  The event is a celebration of the Pererin Wyf / Is Oilithreach Mé / I am a Pilgrim project and will conclude with a massed a Capella singing of the hymn ‘Pererin Wyf’ by William Williams, Pantycelyn and you are invited to join in!


  • Bi Polar Me – A new play about mental health
    A new play about mental health by Ceri Ashe, performed at Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd April 2023.
    A truthful, dark comedy based on the Pembrokeshire born writer’s experience of living with bipolar.


  • Immerse yourself in Love Stories to Nature!
    Celebrate the natural beauty of outdoor spaces with the latest Love Stories to Nature Commissions.
    Celebrate the natural beauty of outdoor spaces with the latest Love Stories to Nature Commissions.


  • The House of Jollof Opera: a live pop-up experience
    A vegan Nigerian food pop-up served with a 15 minute hip-hop inspired opera.
    The House of Jollof Opera is a live pop-up experience serving a Nigerian delicacy (100% vegan) in places of communal gathering across Wales, accompanied by a 15-minute hip-hop influenced operatic story. Take a journey in taste, aroma and rhythms in this one-of-a-kind show.


  • All about the Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival 2023
    Don't miss the Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival from the 3rd – 5th of March 2023.


  • The BIG Plant Sale 2023: Book your Pitches
    SPAN's annual community-supported fundraiser
    SPAN's annual community-supported Plant Stall fundraiser.


  • Chwedlau’r Normal Newydd / Tales from the New Normal: Finding Me in a Sea of Change
    This tapestry of true stories from young students, hardworking mothers, pensioners and grandparents to list a few, will be brought to life this winter via SPAN’s ground-breaking, livestreamed Theatr Soffa project.


  • Côr Pawb mass community choir is back!
    We are thrilled to announce that Côr Pawb will be back with a spectacular performance to draw the Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival to a close on Sunday the 5th of March 2023 at The Queen’s Hall.


  • SPAN Arts x Menter Iaith Sir Benfro present The John S. Davies Ensemble
    In partnership with Menter Iaith Sir Benfro, Span Arts are absolutely delighted to present The John S. Davies Ensemble at our popular annual Advent Concert this November.


  • A new codesigned programme is launching at SPAN Arts
    We are proud to announce the launch of a series of new codesigned projects that place community voices at centre stage.


  • Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival returns in 2023!
    Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival will be back in full swing from the 3rd – 5th of March 2023.


  • Cân Sing: Singing for the soul
    SPAN's bi-monthly group singing sessions open to all levels come to Narberth


  • Launching this Autumn: Pererin Wyf / Is oilithreach mé / I am a pilgrim
    Introducing Pererin Wyf / Is oilithreach mé / I am a pilgrim: sounding the way back through story and song, a participatory arts project seeking to connect with the Welsh and Irish diaspora.


  • SPAN Arts Announced as Partners in Unlimited Awards
    We are thrilled to share that SPAN Arts have been announced as partners in Unlimited's UK & International Partner Awards for Disabled Artists.