The Cheerful Project - Span Arts
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The Cheerful Project

A programme of arts and social activities in rural Pembrokeshire.

A 3 year Big Lottery Funded Project to reduce isolation and loneliness through the arts and creative social activities. SPAN received £218k from Big Lottery Cheerful to reduce social, rural and economic isolation through engaging people in the arts. It was a huge success reaching over 7,000 people (including 2,102 named individuals), with 12,282 separate engagements over the last 3 years.

We put on 373 activities (including workshops, outreach sessions, community events and workshop sessions in people’s homes) totalling 42,987 participant hours, generated 572 volunteer opportunities totalling 2002 volunteer hours and created a body or work and partnerships that have left a lasting legacy on SPAN and helped us to shape a new vision for Arts as Social Change in Pembrokeshire.

“The program put together by SPAN has helped me by giving me a reason to keep my life as normal as possible, a reason to get out of bed get dressed and have a shave!”

“I felt shut away but the project has given me a whole new lease of life”