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Volunteer at SPAN

All the Arts for All the People

SPAN Cyrraedd – SPAN Reach

Our programme design places the needs of the volunteers at the centre.

At the heart of what we do is a commitment to work with the people for the people. We engage with our artists, community members and volunteers to define the work we deliver. We work with our volunteers to help design our program of events and projects; your voice helps us shape SPAN Cyrraedd.

SPAN Cyrraedd provides flexible, creative volunteering opportunities for individuals to positively engage with their community – improving personal confidence, supporting physical activity, and building personal connections to improve their mental and physical health.

With your support as a volunteer, we can create a vibrant and accessible programme of creative activities across Pembrokeshire, providing opportunities for people to learn new skills, engage physically and express themselves creatively.

SPAN Cyrraedd is supported by the WCVA volunteering fund

Volunteers at Span Arts

Why volunteer?

There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer:

  • Make friends with people! Our volunteers enjoy meeting new people, having fun, and making creative events and activities happen in Pembrokeshire.
  • It is great work experience. Whether you want to work in the arts or not you will learn transferable skills. This can be used on a CV to show that you are part of your community. You will also gain real skills and experience that will boost your confidence.
  • Learn something new. As part of an event or project you can learn plenty of new skills from our other volunteers and artists. This can be varied as each event requires different skills. There is also the opportunity to undertake courses should you wish to.
  • All the arts for all the people. As a SPAN Volunteer, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are contributing to sustaining the arts in Pembrokeshire and enabling everyone to be inspired and entertained and not just the few.
  • Increase your wellbeing. Volunteering can boost your self-esteem, offer a sense of purpose, and help you feel happier.

Be part of the SPAN team

Be part of the SPAN team that celebrates the variety and diversity of Pembrokeshire.

SPAN creates an atmosphere of family and welcome, whether in-person or online, our volunteers are supported to develop, learn, and build their confidence.

Throughout the 30-year history of SPAN Arts, we have supported volunteers, this is because they are integral to the identity our organisation.

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do, and we couldn’t be more grateful to them. The preparation and delivery of our programme is down to a fantastic team of passionate people who give their time and energy to engage in the arts and community across Pembrokeshire.

As a creative arts organisation, we provide flexible volunteering opportunities for everyone. There is no commitment to doing a certain number of hours or days. You choose the events that you want to be part of and what roles that suit you. Everyone is welcome!

We have lots of different volunteering roles that are open to a range of interests, skills, and abilities. We will offer you training and support in all of them, so you feel confident and happy to volunteer.

It is only with the help of our volunteers that SPAN can continue to provide interesting and rewarding opportunities to take part in their community. Improving health and wellbeing in the county by reducing loneliness and isolation through the creation of a volunteering community where friendships are made and sustained.

How to volunteer

How to volunteer:

If you would like to be part of an exciting team, and help bring the best in live and participatory arts to Pembrokeshire, why not become a SPAN volunteer?

Here’s how to get involved:

Its as easy as a conversation, give us a ring, drop us an email, message us on our socials or send us a text.

To get involved, contact vco@span-arts.org.uk call 01834 869323 

or fill in our online Volunteer Form

For texts, message 07939480953

Please feel free to DM us via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

We will talk you through the process and get you signed up. Once you’ve signed up as a volunteer, you will receive a monthly email newsletter with details of all the volunteering opportunities at SPAN.

We also have volunteering gatherings and events where you can meet other volunteers and the wider SPAN team.

Please just get in touch if you want to find out more.

We’d love to hear from you!

Meet some volunteers

  • Ann Maidment
    Events and projects
    “I volunteer because I believe strongly in the positive effects arts activities have in the community. They bring people together, improve health and well-being, and help to combat isolation and loneliness. With Span, I feel appreciated, part of a team, and confident in the work Span is doing. Onwards!”


  • Bertie Malpas
    Stage manager
    “At age 12 I ad-libbed in a school operetta and got a laugh. As a trumpeter I have always loved the stage but never minded not earning much. I cut my teeth as a stage manager at Glastonbury. It’s not about the money, it’s the smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd. All aspects of running a show are rewarding, be it cloakroom, box office steward and all the other cogs that turn to put on a show. lt’s grrrreat!”